Cinderella Solution – Complete Package Review

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Cinderella Solution – The Good

The Cinderella Solution targets the real reason your body is storing fat in the first place. It’s not about the claim of how bad fat is and that fat is the problem for all your weight gain!

So many diets have been created over the past seventy years. The Atkins Diet (now Keto), the P90x (the old ‘Buns of Steel’), plus Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, South-beach, Nutri-system. All these have two things in common – they either count calories or control portions, or both.

With the Cinderella Solution, you don’t ever need to count calories!

Instead, the system is designed to target the hormones that keep storing fat and to change your metabolism to burn off unwanted fat with ease.

The simple trick is to pair the right foods!

It’s really that simple.

Cinderella Solution is a set of guidelines that use extremely simple food and flavor-pairing combinations.

Each pairing creates a hormonal and metabolic balance to promote health, well-being, strength, and happiness from within.

There are no boring cardio or high intensity workouts. No need to eat bland food or starve yourself. No need to spend money on expensive pills or supplements. And no need to spend your time counting calories!

Cinderella Solution – The Bad

It’s not a diet, it’s a new way to prepare the foods you love!

It does require some training to reprogram your brain into thinking about the ingredients you use to prepare the foods you love.

The Cinderella Solution only works if you follow the food-pairing combinations.

It’s not something for those who can’t follow directions or don’t want to change a daily routine.

The Cinderella Solution take a little thought and effort to put together the food-pairing combinations and stick to it.

Once learned, those food-pairing combinations will help change your life.

You must be willing to make the effort to learn and apply all the combinations that match the foods you love to eat.

In Conclusion:

If you’re interested in an easy to follow way to lose weight and feel great, this is a very worthwhile solution.

If you enjoy cooking and preparing meals, the Cinderella Solution will be a fun and easy way to incorporate food pairing into your meal plans.

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