Super Productive People Do This!

Super Productive People

Super Productive People Do This!

Super Productive People – Their Habits…

Super-Productive People

Do you think you’re productive? Do you have the following traits? Here are some of the most valuable habits of super productive people!

Neatness! No Clutter!

Super-Productive People Neatness No Clutter!

A messy desk is a reflection of a messy mind. Not only does it shout “lazy” to others, but it also stifles your productivity. A clean and organized workspace helps you focus on getting things done without distractions. Learn to “do it once” and get rid of it! Now, that’s productive…

Schedule Everything!

Super-Productive People Schedule Everything!

They schedule their entire day! That’s right. Not only do they make a list of all the things they want to accomplish, they also go a step further and prioritize every item. Doing so enforces focus, so that the unimportant tasks don’t get in the way of being super-productive. Get it? In addition, they schedule family and personal time then prioritize that as a highly important item! Because family and personal time seems to suffer the most, it’s important to consider them high priority.

Super Productive People: Finish Things!

Super-Productive People Finish Things!

They live by the old zen saying, “when you finish your rice, wash your bowl.” Getting things done. Completing tasks. That’s what it’s all about. Focus on the steps needed to do a task. Start with the first step and do it! Do the next. One step at a time and think of the small steps rather than the larger project. Take the action of a single step and do it. Once the wheels are in motion, you’ll push through until the end. It’s a matter of changing your behavior and the tasks will seem realistic.

Check Email Only Twice!

They Check Email Only Twice

How often do you check your email throughout the day? Super-Productive people check it twice a day, but no more than three times! Email alerts are a constant distraction that disrupt your attention. Checking email at 8:30am, noon, and 5:00pm is practical. Setup an auto-response filter for any email that arrives in your inbox. Send the message that you check your email at certain times, but if it is an important or urgent matter, to call you. You can also setup filters that move unimportant messages to other folders so your inbox isn’t filled with distractions.

Super Productive People: Take Care of Themselves!

They Take Care of Themselves!

They keep the machine running well! Meaning, they take care of themselves so their health is always great. Clear thinking starts with getting a good night’s sleep and maintaining a regular exercise program. This also boosts creativity and increases your energy supplies. That all adds up to greater productivity. If a Super-Productive person didn’t have a good night’s sleep, they would take a mid-day nap! That’s right. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is close your eyes for a few minutes and relax or meditate!

Reward Themselves!

They Reward Themselves!

Super-Productive people create incentives for themselves. For any dreaded task that you can’t seem to face, figure out a reward for finishing it before you start! Or, set a time limit on how much time you’ll spend working on it! You’ll find that once you start the task, the battle is won and you’ll push through to the end. Now that’s super-productive!

Super-Productive People: Use Technology Wisely!

Use Technology Wisely

Super-Productive people know how to embrace technology in ways that add to their productivity rather than distract from it. So, use a smart phone or tablet to set reminders for all your tasks or appointments. Also, setting reminders will anticipate what needs to be accomplished and you’ll be reminded, which helps set the tone and direct your focus. Also, you can use colors for different categories of tasks or appointments, such as work, family, personal. The colors will show how much time you are devoting to each, and you can adjust your time accordingly.

Follow these simple methods and you’ll be on your way to being a Super-Productive Person!


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