Relieve Pain Through Nutritious Alternatives

Relieve Pain Through Nutritious Alternatives

Relieve Pain Through Nutritious Alternatives

Relieve Pain: The Healthy Way!

Relieve Pain

Pain tells us something about what’s going on in our bodies. But once we get the message, we don’t need a constant reminder! There are many over the counter drugs available for pain, but there are also many foods that have pain-relieving properties. Here is a list of some of the more prevalent foods and spices that help relieve pain and reduce inflammation:

Fruits & Vegetables

Raspberries Relieve Pain - Raspberries– Its anthocyanins (the substance that gives it a reddish color) may reduce pain from inflammation.




Red OnionsRed Onions – High Quercetin levels help reduce inflammation, as well as its red-pigmented anthocyanins.




Red Grapes Red Grapes– In addition to the antioxidant vitamin C, its anthocyanins and ellagitannins have anti-inflammatory properties.




Chili Peppers Relieve Pain - Chili Peppers– The capsaicin (used in pain creams) may help with pain, although limited through ingestion.




Kale Kale– Its sulforaphane may reduce swelling caused by inflammation. Make soup or juice it.




Cabbage Relieve Pain - Green Cabbage– Its sulforaphane may reduce the pain associated with inflammation. Plus, it’s high in Vitamins C, K, and folate.





Salmon Salmon– Its Omega 3 fats may reduce pain due to inflammation. Also, a great source of protein and minerals.




Tuna Tuna– Its Omega 3 fatty acids aid inflammation. In addition, it’s a good source of protein and minerals.





Ginger Relieve Pain - Ginger– Contains anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce pain.




Turmeric Turmeric– An iron rich spice containing curcumin that may also help inhibit inflammatory enzymes.





Coffee Relieve Pain - Coffee– Occasional caffeine may help relieve pain, if you are not already drinking a lot of it!




Mint Tea Relieve Pain - Mint Tea– It’s soothing and wintergreen tea may block pain signals.




Green Tea Green Tea– its catechins can help reduce inflammation. And, it’s soothing!




Other Foods

Tofu Tofu– the isoflavones may also help inhibit inflammation.




Olive Oil Olive Oil– it contains oleocanthal and may inhibit inflammatory enzymes.




So, before you reach for the pills, the next time you have a pain or any inflammation, try one or more of these foods & spices to find some relief!


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